Let It Snow!

Snow among the pines

Snow among the pines

I woke Saturday morning to six inches of snow on the ground, a rare occurrence in South Carolina. Everything comes to a screeching halt when the crystalline white fluff covers the roadways. Malls and banks close. Grocery stores sell out of bread and milk, those southern essentials for a winter storm. Everyone who can hunkers down.

It is days like this when I appreciate retirement more than usual. While others may be wondering, especially with a week day storm, whether they have to go to work or not, I get to sit around all day in my pajamas or go out for a winter wonderland walk.

Camellias survive the storm

Camellias survive the storm

Taking a cue from Jean of JeansGarden.wordpress.com I make an effort to enjoy the shorter days as the sun sits lower in the sky. As a transplanted northerner I can appreciate this brief reminder of Michigan and New York winters knowing that by Monday the southern sun will have melted all but the last remnants of our storm.

In the meantime, there is beef bourguignon bubbling on the stove, fortified by an entire bottle of hearty red wine. What will be baked later into a crusty boule is rising in a glass bowl under a wet towel. Martin is painting. I’m writing. Cats laze around on my lap and the hearth in front of the fire. Birds peck through the snow on the backyard wall in search of sunflower seeds, now buried treasure.

A quiet moment on a quiet day, I’m content to just let it snow.

A bench in the woods awaits my contemplation

A bench in the woods awaits my contemplation




18 comments on “Let It Snow!

  1. The snow gave me time to stand in awe of the beauty around me…. to make buckets of marinara sauce while I finished another watercolor painting for class on Tuesday… to revel in my re-soul-lu-tions for 2017….to stand still.

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  2. I’m reading your post as my region in Ontario is getting a morning snowstorm. Like you, I find the days when snow comes to be more delightful now that I’m retired. There’s something special about staying at home, luxuriating in warmth, and indulging in hobbies during a storm. These are always choices for those of us who are retired; but, during a storm, the choices feel exceptional. Enjoy your walk in your woods!

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  3. Felt the same way yesterday as the anticipated one inch became eight inches of snow. Had all the ingredients for a beef and mushroom stew, so the aroma wafted through our NYC apartment. When my brother upstate called and said he was heading to JFK airport to drop his daughters off for a flight, my big sister worries got in the way of truly enjoying the day. Why can’t I just let these emotions go? Let go and let God…

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  4. Blizzards. May be the best thing of retirement. After 28 years of social work in snow storms, no parking, ER home visits— driving kids across the state to streets with no names—-I love snow. It fills me with grattitude.


  5. That’s a lot of snow for South Carolina (Clemson) and not much for Michigan (Paw Paw and Grand Rapids). I lived in both places. I agree that snow days are more special when you are retired. You can relax and not stress about having to go to work or making up the work when the snow is gone. Shovel the driveway, take a walk, put a fire in the fireplace and relax with a glass of wine or some beer that you keep cold in the snow. Great days.


  6. I love the camellia in the snow. (No flowers blooming in my snowy landscape!) And, yes, a snowy day is so much more enjoyable if you don’t have to go anywhere.


  7. Hello Kathy, I’ve been reading your wonderful writing for some time now. I’m loving them! The transition to retirement has just begun for me… I feel blessed that you are helping me along the path…


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