There’s an old song that goes something like this…”blue skies, nothing but blue skies smiling at me”. You know how a song gets stuck in your head and keeps playing over and over again, even if you don’t quite have the lyrics right. Well, ‘Blue Skies’ has been my refrain for the last week or more. Maybe it’s been the gloomy overcast rainy, icy days. Even for January, it seems uncommonly gloomy for the Upstate of South Carolina this year. Despite the cold, daffodils are pushing upward, buds swelling with the promise of spring. As I drive down the highway and look out across the peach orchards, I can seen the deep burgundy sheen of more swelling buds on row after neat row of trees. Yet, the sunny blue skied days seem to be few. Spring still seems a long ways from here.

So, having already discovered one of the great luxuries of being retired, Martin and I decided to change our surroundings by heading further south for a couple days in search of sunshine and, of course, blue skies. It also helped to have relatives willing to roll out the welcome mat. As we drove down the interstate to the coast of South Carolina, it didn’t look like we were going to see anything but gray skies. The wind whipped our car from side to side as drops of rain hit the windshield. But, our spirits climbed a little with the increasing temperatures. Surely, if it’s warmer, blue skies must be just ahead. Maybe, just maybe, we’d arrive to blue skies.

Not a chance. We arrived at our destination with a warm welcome from our relatives but dropping temperatures, high winds and the Weather Channel promising rain. And, tomorrow wasn’t predicted to be a lot better. Gray skies seemed to have followed us! After a great dinner and an evening of catching up with each other, we slept through the night to the sound of rain pelting the roof.

The next morning I awoke to voices and the smell of fresh coffee. And, light, sunny yellow light, peeking softly around the window blinds. As I made my way to the kitchen, I could see the sunlight sparkling on the little pond across the way. A palm tree danced happily with the morning breeze. The weather, it seems, is a lot like life. It doesn’t always turn out as predicted. As I poured my first cup of morning coffee, blue skies rose above the pond, smiling at me.